Integrated Community Localities Transformation Event – 7 February 2019

This event was the first Integrated Community Localities Transformation Event with a focus on mental health and forms part of wider locality transformation scheme work to design together the model of care needed for meeting the mental health needs of people in our localities. The event brought together a broad range of healthcare professionals to discuss an approach to mental health care and support.

Service users were not invited to this event as part of a locality, but were instead included in discussion and group sessions to share experience, insight and expertise into how mental health service delivery can be enhanced. One of BIMHN’s members attended in order to fulfil such a role.

He has produced a detailed report covering the areas of discussion, outcomes, and presentations that were delivered. Amongst his coverage, he describes the discussion around ‘re-humanising services’, the keynote speaker’s examination of the trans-generational approach of the current health system, and the approach that high-level mental health communities need to take.

You can download the report to read here.