Have your say over new housing strategy

September 2, 2015 at 1:37 pm

The council is urging people across Bristol to have their say over proposals for a new housing strategy for the city.

A public consultation is now underway and will run until September 21.

Before finalising the policies, the council, alongside Homes4Bristol, would like to hear what the people of Bristol think of the initial proposals.

These views and opinions will be taken into account and used to help shape the new strategy, which will be published towards the end of this year.

The consultation document sets out plans to address housing related issues over the next five years and focuses on new directions and proposals.

The strategy ‘My Home is My Springboard for Life’ has a vision that homes should provide a springboard to achieving a high quality of life and create the opportunity for all to thrive in mixed communities of their choice.

Bristol faces a number of key housing related issues over the next five year period. There is currently a serious shortage of housing, particularly of affordable housing for low-income households. Addressing this is at the heart of the new strategy.

Also the implementation of welfare reform changes, including Universal Credit, will result in more households being unable to afford to rent or buy in the private sector, therefore relying on affordable housing.

In addition there is still much that needs to be done to improve the city’s housing stock, including:

  • Reducing overcrowding or under occupation
  • Increasing housing and management standards in the Private Rented Sector
  • Reducing fuel poverty

To take part in the consultation visit: www.bristol.gov.uk/housingstrategy and complete the survey September 21.

Following the closing of the consultation, a report will be produced containing a summary of all feedback and amendments, which will be taken to Cabinet for approval. We are hoping to publish the new Housing Strategy in December 2015.

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