Freedom of Mind teams up with Off the Record for mental health conference

August 12, 2016 at 10:40 am

Off The Record and Freedom of Mind Festival are collaborating to bring you a mental health conference like no other…

On World Mental Health Day (October 10th), Off the Record and Freedom of Mind Festival are bringing young people and professionals together for a day of talks and workshops about improving youth mental health.

This will be a conference with a twist, which will include performances, top professionals delivering workshops, young people leading discussions, and interesting opportunities to network.

The event aims to:

  • Initiate conversation around mental health, and examine how we talk about this topic,
  • Educate on how we can look after our own mental health and that of other people,
  • Influence change that will benefit young people and mental health services in the City of Bristol, maybe and even the south west!

This all-day conference will explore young people’s emotional wellbeing and discuss the factors that cause an impact.

Bringing together young people who use mental health services and those who provide them, the event will be solution-focused with productive conversations about what needs to happen. This is a chance for young people to make their voices heard, and for professionals to ask questions and report on what is already being done.

By the end of this conference you will have:

  • Gained tools for challenging mental health stigma;
  • Learned strategies to look after your own mental health and that of others;
  • Spoken about the work that is already happening in the city to support youth mental health;
  • Had conversations with service influencers, young people and professionals about how we move forward;
  • Met other mental health campaigning groups and networks.

This event is set to be a great vehicle for change, and organisers are urging you to be a part of it.

To book ticket, click here. To join the Facebook event, click here.

*PLEASE NOTE* These tickets are for professionals, not young people. Earlybird tickets are £40 and are limited so book soon to avoid disappointment.

A special offer is available for groups of young people. Please contact  for more information.

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