NHS Digital Researcher Roadshow Event – 21 February 2019


NHS Digital are the national provider of information, data and IT systems for NHS commissioners, analysts and clinicians in health and social care. Their aim is simple: ensure that information flows efficiently and securely. The organisation shapes, studies, and applies technology in a health and social care setting.

NHS Digital Roadshows are taking place across the country, giving an insight into current activity and priorities within NHS Digital, developments, and progress updates.

One of BIMHN’s representatives attended a recent Roadshow event, held in Bristol in February 2019.

The event began with two presentations concerning handling DARs (Data Access Requests) and DAR applications. Applications for datasets and data disseminations number over 30 per week. BIMHN’s representative raised questions concerning datasets applicable to mental health and learning & development, and queried the lack of a link between IAPT datasets and existing MH datasets.

Presentations also gave an insight into the process of internal handling of DARs, so that a form of unofficial ‘best practice’ may be identified by agencies looking to make a request. The unavoidable matter of data protection and confidentiality was also highlighted in a limited way.

A number of data processing services co-exist, each serving a purpose along the metaphorical journey taken by groups of data. For example, the ‘De-ID’ system is related privacy and data protection.

The later sessions discussed development plans for the overall service, including the improvement of speed, ease of use, and transparency; whilst maintaining data integrity.

NHS Digital Researcher Roadshow Event – 21 February 2019

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