Public Health West of England & Bristol Health Partners – Digital Health & Data Workshop – 28 March 2019

This workshop – the first of its kind – specifically deals with the process of community engagement in how digital health services should be designed and delivered. Digital delivery of health services is increasing, and will concern a range of people, from staff to patients. The inclusion of the patient voice in the development and design of digital services is essential, and should be supported. This was a primary focus of this workshop, as well as identifying outcomes to meet this aim.

In this report, compiled by a representative from BIMHN who was invited to attend this workshop, the various sessions run to support a strategy in pursuit of this goal are outlined.

Amongst these are the DECODE project, which is an initiative to improve the use and application of technology utilised within digital health, primarily concerned with better understanding the consequences of digital health technology so that unintended outcomes may be avoided.

You can download the report to read here.