Bristol Hearing Voices Network

About Bristol Hearing Voices Network: The aim of meeting as a group is to support one another by talking freely together about our voice hearing experiences, and support anyone seeking to understand, learn, cope and grow from them in their own way. We recognise that confidentiality is a very important issue in order to create a safe atmosphere for people to be able to talk freely in the group. We all understand that what is said in the group stays there and will not be discussed elsewhere. We hope that all members of the group feel comfortable enough to talk about their experiences, but we believe that everyone has the right to be silent and should not feel under any pressure to speak if they do not want to.

Who the group is for: People who hear voices and or intrusive thoughts, see visions and have unusual beliefs.

What the group offers: 

  • Community Self-help Group, every Tuesday 3-4.30pm at Broadmead Baptist Church, Union St, Bristol BS1 3HY
  • Callington Road Hospital Self-Help Group, every Wednesday 3-4.30pm at Callington Road Hospital, OT Room (Main Reception Building)

Mobile: 07912 624 296 (answer phone – members check and respond to messages about once a week)