Freedom of Mind Festival

Freedom of Mind FestivalAbout Freedom of Mind Festival: Freedom of Mind Festival is a series of events, with the aim of creating conversation, raising awareness of mental well being and bringing people together to make Bristol a happier, healthier city. We know that mental illness can affect anyone, therefore it is only right for us all to have the tools to be able to talk about mental health, care for ourselves and others.

This two week platform will educate and stimulate discussion around mental health. Through recognising the hurdles that we may have to overcome, we will be better equipped to establish a positive mindset and tackle stigma head on. We should all have freedom of mind.

Who the festival is for: Anyone who is interested in furthering mental health awareness and education as well as people who are interested in learning more. We are welcoming of help from any age over 16 and level of experience and education.

What the festival offers: The main things we are planning will be in September through to October in various locations around the city. However we are looking for more volunteers and organisations to help us out with organising and setting up the festival. To express your interest, fill in the online form.


Telephone number: 07442 516 430

Website: (launching beginning to mid-March)

Facebook: Freedom of Mind Festival

Twitter: @_freedomofmind