Service User Carer Council

The Service User and Carer Council strives to act as a critical friend to the work of Bristol Mental Health (BMH), reviewing the progress and effectiveness of service delivery. Each member represents one of the BMH services and feeds in and out of the respective services to ensure a wider range of service user and carer voices are heard. In addition, independent representatives are present to include those services that are not part of BMH but work actively with service users and carers.

The Council takes an active role in service planning and evaluation and has significant representation on the Bristol Mental health Partnership Committee to ensure service user and carer voices are heard and able to advise at the highest and most strategic levels.

Support for the work of the Council is provided by BIMHN, helping to ensure lived experience of mental health from a user and carer perspective is heard clearly to improve mental health services.

Interested in joining the Council? Drop an email to:

Notes from meetings of the Council: