Improving psychological services in primary care

August 18, 2016 at 3:57 pm

Have you experienced depression and/or anxiety, and have accessed Bristol Wellbeing Therapies (formerly LIFT) or other IAPT services?

A patient forum has been set up for people with these diagnoses to share their views about the service, and to feed back to the Psychological Therapies Health Integration Team (HIT) – a group of therapists, academics, commissioners, and other experts, working together to improve psychological therapies.

Their aim is to improve people’s engagement with courses and therapies and to improve the effectiveness of their treatments. They are also looking to develop online/phone applications to support therapists and make treatment more accessible for those who use the service.

Being a member of the forum involves:

• Attending forum meetings (held in Bristol city centre early evening) chaired by members of the HIT;
• Representing the views of the forum at some other HIT meetings;
• Opportunities to respond and comment on any written materials being produced (including testing out new online/mobile applications or proposals for research or service development);
• Undertaking activities between meetings as mutually agreed, for example; attend events organised by the HIT, participate in or workshops and be involved in other relevant activities as appropriate;
• Provide support to new public contributors/members;
• Promote aspects of the service to the public.

You do not need to have any prior experience of being in a forum or group, but you need be willing to communicate in a group.


For more information, and to apply to be a member of the forum, download the application, here.

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