Time to Change Bristol’s Employer Pledge event

October 12, 2018 at 1:06 pm

In September, more than 50 people from Bristol local businesses and organisations attended the Time to Change Employer Pledge event at Bristol City Hall.

The event took the form of a workshop, intended to enable employers to learn how to create a workplace culture that encourages the opening up of conversations around mental health. The Action Plan behind the Time to Change Employer Pledge provides a framework and tools for employers to provide the appropriate support for all employees, and enable employers to embed mental health into their policies and procedures, so that employees feel engaged and are able to speak openly about their mental health with their employer.

Take a look at a summary poster produced following the event, including attendee feedback and comments.

Breaking down stigma in the workplace, and giving both employees and employers the tools to tackle mental ill-health, is a priority of the national Time to Change campaign. The Bristol Time to Change hub, co-delivered by BIMHN, supports this. 


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