Champions Fund – Case Studies

Here are a few case studies from the previous Champions Fund that was co-ordinated by the Community Access Support Service.

Case Study 1

The aim of this event was to encourage young people to talk about their mental health. Talking about mental health can help de-stigmatise it, and encourage people to seek information about where to go for help and support.

The event was attended by 38 young people from Inner City Bristol, and consisted of facilitated workshops around their understanding and experience of mental health, together with a range of other activities, and of course, food.

Karen Black, Services Manager for Off the Record, said that the event “was fun and productive.”


Case Study 2: Champions Fund event delivered in association with the Somali Education Project

This event included a showing of the Disney film “Inside Out”. It attracted 10 Somali Mums and two Dads, plus another four adults and 35 primary and secondary age children. Discussions following the film included the following questions:

  • What makes us happy?
  • What makes us sad?
  • What do we do when we are happy?
  • What do we do when we are sad?
  • When do we need to talk to someone about our sadness?
  • Who do we talk to?
  • Is it ok to be sad?

“As it turned out, there was one big conversation which was more culturally appropriate and acceptable with parents and children engaging and laughing together as they talked about mental health.”

Case Study 3: Winter Warmer Drop-in at Shirehampton

In the words of Annelies and Anna, the Time to Change Champions who ran the event:

“Saturday’s Winter Warmer at the Shirehampton Tithe barn was a lovely, intimate and moving event. It was a grass roots event with open access to the whole community.

Participants included elderly women who engaged in art making, conversation and origami, an autistic child who made drawings and had soup under a table and a Hungarian national who had recently arrived in the UK. He was moved to tears by the offer of hospitality: food for body and soul when he least expected it! An elderly woman was seeking support and advice regarding her schizophrenic son.

Many interactions and conversations took place verbally and creatively. We raised awareness of mental health issues by talking of our own experiences and inviting others to share theirs. Many thanks for helping us make this special day happen!”